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Get Digital with School Management Website

Get a professional school website with a learning and school management system to manage multiple schools and conduct administrative and academic activities like admission, bill payment, live classes, exams and records, announcement, etc.

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Student Username: Tbolaji

Password: 123456

Teacher Username: teacher1

Password: 123456

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School management systems with all-in-benefits

You can now move all the activities in the school online and make life easier for everyone. From the school website, everyone in the school community can create an account online and carry out their functions through the learning management system software.

Administrative & Community

All administrative and academic activities in one place. From admission to exam, academic records, school invoice, staff, students and parents access

Online Learning & Live Classes

Good for live classes, online assignment and submission, discussion forum, class attendance and class result.

Reputation & Marketing

It brings the school nearest to the parents, enhances reputation for digital dynamism and thus attract more school enrolment.

24/7 Accessibility

Everyone has access to information, school activities, learning, and team at all times and from any location.

Now is the time to experience digital possibilities

Let your school become digital with the school management website. See more activities that you can take online with a complete functional website.


Both teachers and students can live classes outside the school location.


Finance department can create invoice and students can pay online


Admission process from application to admission, registration and records.


Exams, results, time-table, classes, promotion, assignments, etc.

School management systems with all-in-solution for all users

Get a website with a complete set of tools tailored to handle all your school activities online. It takes care of all the manual processes and help every user to achieve better and quicker results.

Super Admin

Take full control of all features


Trace students fees and expenses all in one place


Manage students and academic activities


Collaborate with teachers, exams, class and other activities.


Separate panel to pay school fees and monitor students performance


Manage library books, generate library cards and issue books.

Access to mobile app makes collaboration easier

Whether you are on the move or not, you can attend your school duties and activities on your mobile phone using the school management mobile app. You can log in and update your task or learn about other activities.


We price ourselves above the quacks to deliver highly valued works that match whatever package you choose.

Standard Website

130,000 98,000
  • One year Domain & Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • 5 Web Page
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Display School events
  • Google map
  • Customized email accounts
  • 60 Days Free Support
  • Social Media Page Setup

Website Pro + LMS

200,000 230,000
  • One year Domain & Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Many Web pages
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Event Display
  • Google map
  • Customized Email Accounts
  • 180 Days Free Support
  • Social Media Page Setup
  • Google My Business
  • Learning Integration & Live Classes
  • School Management System
  • School Management App

Let’s Make Your School Shines.

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