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A digital marketing company

Plugaweb is a digital marketing company. 

We provide best web design, development and marketing services to grow your business online.

Plugaweb helps brands amplify their businesses online using digital marketing platforms.

We make businesses generate awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers to increase sales revenue.

Our complete digital marketing process includes online branding, web design, digital marketing and social media marketing.

 Plugaweb have delivered enviable web design and branding for clients such as Prime Tender View Ltd, Relish Mobile Spa, Ilaje Advancement Forum,  Royal HomeWorth, Mainstay Dimensions among others.

Our Mission

To plug every business to the web with best design and marketing solutions for growth.

Our Vision

To be a clear leader known for providing the best and unique web design and marketing services for business productivity and strength. 

What We Do

We implement digital marketing strategies that help businesses to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers and increase sales revenue.


Leading Plugaweb

plugaweb project

Why choose us?

We create stunning websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. Our focus is to create good looks and feels that give a good user experience and easy navigation.

Our clients are treated as partners. Therefore, we work to create synergy and work for a common goal.

We are fully dedicated to provide results and give all attentions to our projects.

Our team are experienced. we also continue to update our skills daily. The digital marketing world is ever-changing. So, we stay abreast with new innovation.

Our 6-D Working Process



We commence our process with research into the market. Certainly, we to have know the customers to target with our services. Consequently, we can determine what kind of solutions they want and what to offer them. Similarly, we can know where or how to locate the audience.



Here, we define and target audience  based on factors like interest, demography and location for instance. Using our research into the market, we can channel our energy to achieve result. In order words, we consider the buyer persona  from the  start and consequently choose a marketing campaign that fits.



We design the best marketing strategy for specific projects or combine strategies if need be. These ranges from the brand design, website design and content or ads design that will drive traffic.



Plugaweb provides designs that are professionally developed to meet the expectations of the audience and turn them into convertible prospects. As a result, we put in our expertise to generate quality contents because of the need for a good impression. 



We help our clients to deploy digital marketing plans and connect them with the target audience. This may be in the form of organic marketing and (or) paid ads using the ad platforms of social media channels. We are adept in using the social media platforms to target the right audience and deliver adverts that yield results.



Again, Plugaweb deliver great results for clients. Our clients are happy and others are seeing our good works through them. Because of this, we measure result against expectations. Also, we optimize the process from time to time by retargeting audience and upscaling them.

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