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Leverage your school to new heights with full school management website

We design quality websites and you can now migrate all your school activities including academic, administrative, students and parents to the school websites

Reputation & Marketing


The school can earn a reputation and attract more students when it can be accessed through the website. Students can apply for admission online.

24/7 Accessibility

People can access the school at any time and make a decision through information on the website. Parents can monitor the performance of their wards too.

Online Learning & Live Classes

Learning won't be in the class alone. Students can undertake academic activities, submit assignments, check results and join live classes.

Administrative & Community

Admission, fee payments, invoicing other admin works can be made online. Teachers' records and leave too can be managed online.

What else can school management website do for you?

We have plan that fit your category


Depending on what you want to achieve with your school website, you can choose from any of our plans to give you much more for less.

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“The website… plays a central, multi-faceted role. It assists in enhancing the school’s culture and ecosystem, furthers the school’s growth and evolution, enables the school to interface with the networked world, and is being used integrally in every facet of the schools’ 24/7/365 teaching, integration of all school operations, educational and administrative, and the ongoing enhancement of the school’s efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.”

School Director, Mal lee

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A good website will improve your school’s profile, and everyone can start interacting from everywhere. Don’t you want the school to become famous?

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