9 Major ways you should improve website traffic

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Creating a website is a crucial step in expanding your business online. Suppose you’ve finally developed one for your business, congrats. Of course, you are not done with the effort yet; after your website is operational, you must think about how to improve website traffic and market the site.

Most business owners know that the greatest strategy to increase website traffic is to appear organically at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). But doing so now requires a significant effort.


At the beginning of the internet, finding information was much simpler. It takes a lot of work to get found online due to the advancement of Google’s main search algorithms.

Some of us are products of an age of fleeting pleasure. We urgently require certain things. Anyone who seeks to control search engines must be aware that it involves years to develop the kind of backlinks, online visibility, and content that makes it possible to rank for particular keywords almost painlessly.

website traffic

Why Do Websites Need Traffic?

You may be asking why it’s important to get website traffic, let alone a website. A website is necessary for today’s society, even for brick-and-mortar businesses. At the very least, prospective clients can learn more about your business.

But a website can be a channel for visitors to access your products and services and eventually convert into paying customers. It is on the premise of using a website as a channel for business growth that we also need to underscore the importance of website traffic.


There are two strategies for improving website traffic. You can utilize free organic approaches consistently to get good outcomes over time. You can also employ paid techniques if you want to see fast results.

Free techniques to improve website traffic

1. Google business listing profile.

Adding your company profile to Google listings has many merits. A well-optimized Google business listing will bring traffic to your website. You may increase web traffic due to the listing’s link to it.

You can also use the Google business listing to get traffic in the following ways:

  • Getting show up for searches relevant to your industry and geographical location.
  • Makes you more visible on a site where users actively want to buy.
  • Drives quality leads to both your website and your brick-and-mortar store.
  • Having the chance to obtain customer feedback and grow your presence.

2. Inclusion in the no-cost online directories

Apart from Google my business, you should put your link on your Facebook page, Instagram and LinkedIn so potential customers can link to your website.


You can use online business directories to drive customers to your websites: Angi, City Search, MapQuest, Manta, and Yahoo Local. In Nigeria, Vconnect, SME Arena, and Business List are good online directories you need to place your web link.

improve website traffic through online directory

3. Post on social media.

One of the most widely used and cost-effective marketing strategies is social media, which helps to increase website visitors. Google Analytics will show you the traffic from social media to your website.

You can write interesting blog posts and add them to your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn feeds and stories. Having your website link on your social media will enable you to turn the social media followers into website visitors and draw traffic from their networks if you post shareable content.

4. Develop Email Marketing

Links to web pages on your sites can be included in emails and newsletters. You can send newsletters describing the deal that will drive visitors to your website. Similarly, you can inform your customers via email about your blog postings and point them toward your website.


You will need to go beyond the free methods of increasing internet traffic if you want speedy and reliable traffic to your website. Long-term, free and organic traffic will dominate, but they won’t immediately start producing the desired results. You might have to pay for it if you want website traffic to increase quickly. Some of the ways to pay for quick website traffic are listed below.

1. Ads by Google

The best way to ensure potential customers find your website when they perform a keyword search is to pay for Google Ads. Every time someone searches for information on Google, many results are returned.

The paid advertising relevant to the search will typically appear on top of the search engine. Customers will therefore start viewing your website and clicking on your link immediately, not months afterward. Good enough, you only pay Google when customers click on your ad.

examples of paid ads to improve website traffic

2. Advertising on social media

Through social media advertising, you can also attract quick traffic to your website in a novel method. Social media ads primarily show up in the newsfeeds of the target demographic. In contrast, paying for search advertisements will have you show up first on the results page. Through social media ad platforms, customers can link to your website. Such customers are targeted through the power ad platforms.

3. Retargeting marketing


Retargeting marketing uses ads to follow people who have already visited your website. The ad follows the people to the websites they may be browsing, or their social media feeds. They are displayed to users who have already been to your website once and are thus more likely to visit it again.

4. Google Maps marketing

You can choose the preferences that will let a website appear at the top of Google Maps while using the Google Ad platform. A listing that indicates a paid advertisement on a map will typically have an indicator next to it. Good enough; appearing at the top in this manner can help your company become well-known and drive traffic to your website.

Good enough; appearing at the top in this manner can help your company become well-known and drive traffic to your website.

5. Display ads

Additionally, you may pay for display ads to make your brand visible on relevant websites. For instance, if your firm is related to spa treatments, you may use display advertisements to place your branded banner on relevant web pages where people will see your business. Customers who visit such web pages will see your brand and visit your website.



As we have explained above, we can see that Google and social media both allow us to improve website traffic through free and paid methods. The next plan is to dive in and start implementing the various techniques. If you aim at organic marketing, the time to start is now. Do not forget to visit our contact page if you require our professional services.

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