Web hosting: Top 5 reasons why I choose Hostinger

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Choosing a good web hosting for your web business is very vital. To run a successful website, you need to consider if a particular web hosting provides a fast-loading speed. This is because fast loading website gets a higher ranking on the Google search engine and can therefore have a wider reach.

You will also need to consider how reliable web hosting providers’ services mitigate threats from hackers and malicious attacks. Many companies provide web hosting, but choosing the right one for your peculiar web business will be something you need to think through.


This article will guide what to look for when choosing a web hosting provider. We also recommend Hostinger Web Hosting services for five reasons.

1. Affordable Web Hosting

Everyone considers pricing when choosing a product or a service. Hostinger provides affordable pricing with great value for businesses that want to start on a budget. Other hosting companies are yet to beat Hostinger at low costs.

Imagine paying $2.15 per month for single shared hosting, $3.49 per month for premium shared hosting, and $7.95 per month for business shared hosting. For example, Premium shared hosting services of other hosting providers that rank with Hostinger charge as much as $23 per month.

With upfront payment, it is also possible to have huge savings with Hostinger. You can save big if you pay for 48 months for Premium Shared Hosting.


Let’s calculate it, 12-months gives $41.88 for the first year, then $107.88 after that. In 48 months, this will amount to $365.52. But if payment is made upfront, you will pay the discounted price of $167.52 for 48 months and go to sleep.

Hostinger web hosting

2. Free Domain and SSL

Hostinger will not only give you a massive discount on the cost of hosting, but it will also provide a free domain and a free SSL certificate for your website. With an SSL certificate, you get a website secured with HTTPS.

It is also essential to look out for fake web hosting. Hostinger is among the registrar companies that have been certified by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).


A new business can leverage the domain freebie and get a free web address with the hosting.

Having an SSL certificate tells web admins tools that your website is secure using HTTPS instead of HTTP. You can find out about the importance of using HTTPS using this link.

Hostinger provides an SSL certificate for free along with the hosting plan. This makes people trust your website as to where they can add card details and rely on the information therein. For example, Google takes site security as a ranking factor on the search engine.

3. Website Uptime and Speed

Nobody wants a website that is always down and unavailable on the internet. One of the qualities of a good web hosting service includes speed and uptime website. Hostinger technology is powered by MySQL, FTP, and PHP, which run triple speed for WordPress.


The most desired feature of any web hosting is undoubtedly the consistent uptime & responsiveness of the website. As early mentioned, the speed of your website will impact ranking on the search engines and should be considered for search engine optimization (SEO).

It is good to look for web hosting that provides average uptime of 99.9%. Hostinger has been measured to provide uptime between 100% and sometimes 99.8%, with 99.9% for months. With their budget plans, Hostinger is doing reasonably well.

4. Better cPanel

Hostinger has an in-house cPanel (called hPanel) that has an interface that is simpler and easier than the traditional cPanel. A beginner can find it easy to operate and navigate hpanel from Hostinger.

Although the traditional industry cPanel may be a norm that everyone is comfortable with, you will see a lot of flexibility that Hostinger offers when you jump in.

5. Web Hosting Backup


Hostinger provides data and file backups for the websites hosted on their server. While Single and Premium Shared Hosting automatically back up your site weekly, With Business Shared Hosting, daily backups take place.

If anything goes wrong, you don’t have to worry because you can always restore your website from the backup on the Hostinger server.


Hostinger offers Cloud and VPS hosting if you have a big business and want a website that can handle so much. But, for small businesses, it is good to stick to the shared web hosting plans.

The Premium and Business Shared hosting are perfectly adequate for a small and medium website or personal blog. If this article is helpful, you can buy Hostinger services.


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