Hotel website: 6 reasons why you should have it

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Needs for a hotel website


Do you know that most travelers visit different hotel websites before deciding on their booking? Although some business owners may have a small page as an extension of a big website, especially using the Online Travel Agents (OTAs). The importance of having a hotel website cannot be overemphasized. According to Rob Law and Cathy H.C. Hsu, the rate at which guests now use the internet to check hotel websites for accommodation has continued to grow.

Reasons to have a hotel website

Below are some of the reasons you may consider having a website for your hotel.

1. Direct booking


A beautifully designed website for a hotel will help the business increase direct booking online. Even if your hotel is still listed with the OTAs, you can increase your sales when some guests can make a direct booking on your website. You can imagine retaining the commission of between 15-30% paid to the OTAs if only you have a site for direct hotel booking.

2. Increase booking and sales

Related to the above is that a website provides unique opportunities to boost sales. With an online booking system, guests do not have to be physical at the hotel before booking rooms. It is good to spend money on a website with an excellent online booking system.

Prices of a websites for an hotel may vary. This will be determined by the features, information, and resources used in building the site.  If the owner’s goal is to generate sales, taking the hotel website as part of the business investment is worthwhile.

Hotel website

3. Brand awareness and visibility


Having a website will help project your hotel brand and amplify the hotel location. This is because the hotel website will serve as the face of the hotel to the world. In some cases, events and other images in the locality can be used as a unique selling point that will project the hotel to online visitors. A beautiful website will attract more visitors and eventually result in more sales. A website can make it easier for people to locate the hotel because the street or location map can be placed on the site.

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4. Leads generation

Hoteliers can use websites for lead generation. Many guests come across the hotel online through the website and become potential prospects for lodging. Website is the most rewarding channel that can be used for both lead generation and marketing. It only requires that the website be updated from time to time and function well to turn lead into a conversion.

Using the website for direct booking is core to the hotel business, yet conversion entails a lot ranging from room reservations to other addons like restaurant and wedding bookings. Sometimes too, hotel websites can be used as a lead magnet.

5. Hotel information

Website for a hotel will source of information for both staff and guests of the hotel. Information such as the hotel’s history, uniqueness, some attractions, offers, and distinctive quality can easily be made available to guests on the hotel website.


 For a website to serve as a source of information for a hotel, you need to think of content that will meet what the guests are looking for. It is also essential to know that pictures and images are part of the information people will jump at when looking at a hotel website.

6. Medium of communication

A website will allow hotel owners or managers to have a communication channel with customers. As a communication platform, the website provides various options for online guests to reach the hotel or the management. While a particular guest may use the contact form, other choices like live chat, telephone and email will be available on the hotel website.

Pictures of the hotel will also help communicate emotion and market the kind of dreams that make a guest lodge for a memorable stay.


Hotel owners and managers who want to see their business have more sales should leverage a hotel website. Not only does a website provide the benefits explained above for a hotel, but it will also add reputation with featured guests’ testimonials. In some cases, the owners can use blogs to promote other benefits. You can contact us for questions and engage our services for a professional website.

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